Creative Spiritual Writing™

Write Bravely from Your Soul

Who: For Creative, Spiritual Women who want to write more deeply, write from the truest part of themselves, overcome writer's block, and write what is bubbling up from within

What: Online Workshop - Self-paced, self-study course

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Write the stories that are calling from within you.

  • Understand and clear writer's block
  • Connect more intimately with your audience
  • Write from your own truth
  • Have a deeper experience of writing
  • Write from your core, the stillness within
  • Give voice to the stories that are calling you

This workshop is for all levels of experience or craft, and for all genres. Whether you want to write more deeply to yourself in journal entries, publish a memoir, or complete non-fiction books, essays or novels, you will benefit from these exercises that will help you clear away the clutter and drive straight to the core.

You'll Need: your preferred writing instruments (laptop, iPad, pen and paper, chisel and stone), an internet connection, an email address, and a willingness to have fun writing.

Crystal Pirri

Crystal Pirri is the creator of the online communities Creative Spiritual Women and We Love Gratitude. Her books include "The Complete Guide to Mindful Habits" which was taught at Kent State University, and "The Best of Creative Spiritual Women." She is a Martha Beck trained life coach, and has facilitated Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, has published feature articles in F+W owned Photographer's Market, and had various articles in newspapers and online publications.

What Other People Are Saying

"You are such a beautiful soul and when you share it 
speaks to the pure being that, I AM.
Thank you for following your own advice and keep creating
 so we may all remember why we are here.
 With love and happiness, Kelly"

"I just discovered your website, thanks to a dear friend. I feel like I came home." - Estelle

"I needed help around believing in my gifts and finding the courage to step forward into my light.  She also helped me tremendously when I was in grief to heal and rebuild myself with love and care, like a beautiful work of art. I love working with Crystal because she challenges me.  She gently pushes me to ask myself the real questions for my continued evolution towards enlightenment.    I would recommend her to anyone seeking a teacher/coach." -Becky Bralek

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